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Distraction — Jay Roberts drops his pants

Jay Roberts in Distraction in tighty whities with a boner

“While working in his shed, Jay Roberts is pleasantly surprised at the sight of shirtless Christopher Saint. Christopher pulls out his bud’s boner and strokes him as Jay rubs the worker’s nipples. The pickup man drops down to blow Jay, who delivers a steady face fuck with his beautiful banana-shaped cock. Christopher jacks his own uncut rod as he delivers a wet deep-throating. Jay finds himself bent over a chair as his hole gets licked and fucked. Christopher varies his rhythm, smiling throughout the deep fuck. Jay leans back for a kiss as he gets rammed. Jay sits down on the top as his own bouncing dick stays stiff. The bottom then gets on his back, pushing his boner up as he gets fucked. Christopher rubs Jay’s pecs and the two soon cum again — the top’s hot load partially landing on Jay’s slab.” — Titan Men

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Gay porn star Jay Roberts in Distraction

Jay Roberts in Distraction showing his big dick

Jay Roberts in Distraction naked with a hard cock

Jay Roberts in Distraction full frontal nude with a hard-on

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