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Distraction — Scott Alexander big ‘n’ stiff

Horsehung porn star Scott Alexander in Distraction with a hard-on

“With his sleeveless flannel shirt unbuttoned, Bryan Slater is a vision on the deck. In front of the beautiful outdoors, his chiseled chest, abs and arms glisten in the sun while his defined cum gutters frame his big, rock-hard cock — which gloriously throbs on its own. It’s a stunning visual that has stud Scott Alexander transfixed. Tall, dark and handsome, Scott grabs hold of Bryan’s cock. Bryan kneels down to feast as Scott spits down, whipping his meat on Bryan’s hungry mouth. Bryan’s steel shaft then gets first-class treatment in Scott’s clinging lips as slurp sounds fill the air. They fire off their loads. The two head back to work — but get distracted again at the storage facility. Bryan bends over first, staying stiff as he gets fucked in a few positions. The action heats up when the two studs switch positions — Scott’s constant moans, gasps and exclamations hint at a deep, powerful fuck. Slater hits the spot, the top’s amazing body tightening up as he fucks. Scott’s enthusiasm and facial expressions make the scene even hotter — and the passionate pairing ends with an unforgettable wad that flies from the bottom’s cock.” — Titan Men

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Gay porn star Scott Alexander in Distraction

Scott Alexander in Distraction full frontal nude with an erection

Black gay porn star Scott Alexander in Distraction

Scott Alexander in Distraction totally naked and rock hard

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