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Hot shot — Sebastian Kross

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross bare assed naked. (Raging Stallion)

It’s a bare assed naked Sebastian Kross just the way you want him. A nude glamour shot from Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.

photo source: Raging Stallion Studios, via

To escape the heat and have some time to themselves, sexy Sean Zevran and Sebastian Kross race back up to the house. The studs hightail it to the bedroom and rip their clothes off. Sean flops onto the bed and Sebastian lunges for his cock, which is already hard and pointed at the ceiling. They take turns blowing each other with breaks in between that are filled with kisses that allow each stud to savor the taste of his own cock on the other’s lips. The two then explore each other’s holes and perfectly ripped bodies with their tongues. Sebastian feeds his cock to Sean and eats Sean’s willing hole at the same time. Feeding off the intensity, Sebastian pile-drives his rigid shaft deep into Sean’s hungry ass, then Sean turns into a take-charge bottom. Sean exercises every muscle in his smooth physique to charm Sebastian’s snake, moving his hips in every direction imaginable. Sebastian pounds the load right out of Sean’s cock and onto his gleaming abs leaving Sebastian to launch his cum across Sean’s face and mouth. — Raging Stallion Studios

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2 years ago

“Se bak, Stian”!
Hvis du klarer har’u jævlig fin utsikt:))!

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