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Hottest Halloween Nudity: Retro Edition!

“Dick or treat! We heard there are king-sized candy bars on this block, so we’re back for round two of Halloween nudity. Retro edition! Unwrap hotness from Mark Patton in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Lawrence Monoson and Clyde Hayes in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, Rupert Everett in Cemetery Man, and Robert Carlyle in Ravenous!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man

This horror movie hunk playlist will make you want to splatter!

Jeff Goldblum teleports naked in The FlyTwitchy sexy nerd Jeff Goldblum shows off his chiseled bod in David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Mark Patton gets pants in A Nightmare On Elm Street 2Freddy wants Mark Patton’s body in the homoerotic A Nightmare On Elm Street 2.

Lawrence Monoson goes skinny dipping in Friday the 13th Part 4Lawrence Monoson goes skinny dipping with Crispin Glover in Friday the 13th Part 4.

Rupert Everett in Cemetery Man

Rupert Everett flashes his penis in Cemetery ManRupert Everett celebrates Hallow-peen by flashing his cock in Cemetery Man.

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