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Jambo Africa — Steve Skarsgaard

Gay porn star Steve Skarsgaard (Bel Ami Online)

Wow! Bel Ami casting struck gold with another one. Much like his predecessor Hoyt Kogan, Steve Skarsgaard — in addition to having a look that’s worthy of the Skarsgaard brand — has the jaw-dropping good looks of someone who could model professionally. I’ve always had a weakness for beautiful, brown haired, blue-eyed boys… Check out his full-size solo shots from his softcore “Jambo Africa” Art Collection after the jump…

photo source: Bel Ami Online

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“Our first pair of boys in front of the camera of Benno Thoma as part of the ‘Jambo Africa’ series is Steve Skarsgaard and Kieran Benning.

I’ll let the photo set speak for itself and instead remind you of what to expect from the series. In the Jambo Africa week each month we will bring you different boys in the photosessions as well as 3 full scenes (including home videos) and another installment of the documentary ‘African Souvenirs’, as well as a little preview of what is coming the following month.

As this is the first day, we will welcome you to Jambo Africa and hope that you will enjoy the series as much as we have in bringing it to you.” — Bel Ami Online

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