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Manny in the flesh » A really big dick dripping pre-cum

“Manny is a really sweet, young, gay guy. From the second we picked him up at the airport to when he left the studio he was the most polite, nicest kid we have seen in a long time.

‘So you said you were gay?’ I asked.

‘Yup! Sure am!’

‘Tell me more about that.’

‘Well I came out when I was young. I mix it up between being a top and a bottom. Some days I like to pound an ass,’ Manny smirked a bit. ‘Other days, however, I like to get used like a little slut.’

I couldn’t help but to try to dig deeper. ‘Tell me more about being a little slut.’

Manny smiled. ‘I just liked being man handled. I don’t really have a type but if I did I would say it would be the SeanCody type.’ Clearly Manny has come to the right place.” — Sean Cody

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