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Mr. Man Minute 3/31/2017

Alexander Skarsgård whips out his hard cock and gets a handjob on HBO’s Big Little Lies… April Tools! It was a prosthetic cock. But he did show his big little penis for real in a scorching hot scene from True Blood.

video source: Mr. Man

“Happy April Tools Day! This Week on Big Little LiesAlexander Skarsgård whipped out a huge fake dong, but we remember seeing the real deal during his unforgettable full frontal scene on True Blood. Two of our other favorite actors to both use prosthetics and go au naturel are Diego Luna and Robert De Niro, who showed his hot cock in the flick 1900 during one of the best nude scenes on Mr. Man! On the Weekly Quickie we check out James Franco’s spanko-ble ass in Why Him? and Mark Strepan’s luminescent (yes, luminescent!) butt in this week’s Clique.” — Mr. Man

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