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Peachy keen — Tony Lombardy

Tony Lombardy's fuzzy peach

Classic Colt model Tony Lombardy showing off his big, ripe & fuzzy Georgia peach.

photo source: Colt Studio Group

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Vintage gay porn star Tony Lombardy at Colt Studios.

“With his furry and sculpted body, a real man’s-man who is ripped with muscles and cub like body hair… COLT Man Tony Lombardy encompasses all that a true COLT Icon embodies. Tony has masculinity that oozes from every pore; he is a true and bonafide COLT Icon in every way. In this collection of rarely seen images from the COLT Vault, COLT Man Icon Tony Lombardy proves he is the total package and a worthy addition to this elite class of COLT iconic men.” — Colt Studio Group

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