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Recipe For Love — Jeroen bones Niko’s hot bubble butt

Niko Vangelis taking a hard cock up his perfect bubble butt

“The image of the life at BelAmi as nothing but a smorgesboard of boys, lounginmg around, having fun and making love is at times an illusion, and other times, like this, is pretty much bang on the mark.

Today we have handsome Niko Vangelis being pampered to a healthy breakfast and even healthier serving of Jeroen Mondrian to start the day. Both guys here are built for love and share an unending appetite for sex and it is a connoisseur’s delight watching them.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Jeroen Mondrian grabbing Niko Vangelis' bare bubble butt while they kiss. (Bel Ami Online)

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Niko Vangelis taking a hard cock up his perfect bubble butt

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Jeroen Mondrian fucking Niko Vangelis

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Niko Vangelis cumming all over his chest

Niko Vangelis getting plowed by Jeroen Mondrian

Jeroen Mondrian blows his load on Niko Vangelis

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Jeroen Mondrian gives Niko Vangelis a kiss

Recipe For Love - Niko & Jeroen (Bel Ami Online)

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