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In case you missed it… Ashton Summers has a nice ass

Gay porn star Ashton Summers showing off his hot naked ass

Ashton Summers’ 2019 Nude Helix Studios Photoshoot

Prick-teasing shot of Ashton Summers stripped down to his black Calvin Klein briefs showing pubes

Ashton Summers takes it all off for a nude photoshoot at Helix Studios. First the shirt comes off. Then his shorts. Next thing to go is his Calvin Klein briefs. The only part of his body that doesn’t get exposed is his feet. (He keeps his shoes on.) Check out Ashton’s spicy nude pin-ups after the jump… Or hop over to Helix to see Ashton’s very latest scene with newcomer Hayden Lee.

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Hot shot — Ashton Summers dick pic selfie

Gay porn star Ashton Summers shares his enourmous cock on social media

Excuse me while I wipe the drool of my keyboard… Ashton Summers just shared this extra spicy selfie on his Twitter. Is it giving you any ideas? Those lips look so kissable, and his whole body looks lick-able. But that cock! I think he’s trying to kill us…

Of course, there’s a lot more of this to go around. You can put this tool to good use over at CockyBoys — or find his very latest scenes at Helix Studios. Click the pic to see Ashton’s wang up close…

photo source: Ashton Summers


Peach keen — Ashton Summers

Gay porn star Ashton Summers' hot naked ass in a hot tubq

Just a friendly reminder that Ashton Summers’ ass is back in action. He abruptly left the industry early last year. Even scrubbed his social media presence. But after a year-long absence he made a splashy comeback in early 2019. He even resurrected his social media accounts. (See one sweet example after the jump.) You can find some of his old material at CockyBoys. He’s currently producing new material over at Helix Studios. Or…

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Daily dude — Ashton Summers

Gay porn star Ashton Summers

If you follow Ashton Summers’ Twitter you’ll find that — in addition to being tall, dark and guapo — this Puerto Rican hottie one of the most charismatic adult performers working today. With his long legs and sleek dancers physique, he’s also one of porn’s most photogenic. Check out that ballet butt! Eschewing labels, he embraces versatility. To see it in action, don’t miss his unforgettable scene with flip-flopping firecracker Calvin Banks in Cockyboy’s Flipped Out.


Big softie — Ashton Summers

Gay porn star Ashton Summers (Dominc Ford)

“Ashton Summers is just perfect. He’s tall, has amazing skin, a beautiful face, a tight muscled body, and a huge, thick cock. Honestly, there is not one with wrong with him! Watch him get jerked off exclusively at!” — Dominic Ford


Between two brothers

Ashton Summers Judas Cole and Preston Cole. (Randy Blue)

Ashton Summers can’t decide which of the Cole brothers he likes best, so he takes them both. And at the same time! Watch Preston and Judas Cole share some Summers sausage in this taboo-shattering, pseudo incestuous threesome. Scroll through their hardcore pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Randy Blue


Men kissing — Jacob & Ashton

Jacob Taylor & Ashton Summers. (Randy Blue)

Jacob Taylor and Ashton Summers are getting off to a good start with this romantic lakeside lip-lock.