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Big softies — Gus Kenworthy’s VPL

Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy in tight gold pants at Burning Man with visible penis line

This is perhaps more Gus Kenworthy than he ever intended for you to see? The American Horror Story: 1984 star posted this shirtless photo of himself in very gold and very tight pants on his Instagram in relation to another post that reads: “My first Burning Man experience was nothing short of pure magic.” Nothing short indeed! Click to get a closer look…


Manly muscle jock Dennis W. goes bottomless

Dennis W takes off his shorts (MaleModel NL)

Handsome newcomer Dennis W. shows off his fleshy footballer ass when he takes off his tight white boxer briefs for his first nude photo shoot for MaleModel NL. See this sexy jock in nothing but shoes and socks after the jump. Or join MMNL to see his homoerotic photo shoot with bubble butted hunk Firnando.

photo source: MaleModel NL


Hot shots — All Players

A hunky football jock with visible penis line

So today everybody’s losing their minds over a ball game or whatever….

photo credit: All Players by Rick Day; via @theNaughtyTommy


Meet Clyde, the cocky jock

Hung naked stud Clyde (Sean Cody)

“Muscular stud Clyde is a workout-nut who is currently getting a degree in political science. ‘The thing I love most about politics is all the scandal,’ he explains. Clyde has beautiful green eyes, is 5-foot-9, 187 pounds, and says that when he’s not studying, or working out, he’s probably jerking off. When people ask chiseled Clyde whether he’s an ‘ass’ or ‘tits’ guys, he says ‘my first answer, my first thought, is always dick.’ Clyde also jokes that his nickname in high-school was ‘Bratwurst’ because of the width of this hot, young stud’s cock. Adorable, brown-hair Clyde says that his favorite thing on a man is a big-barreled chest, but he’s not too picky, as he admits ‘it’s never a bad day if I have a dick in my mouth!'” — Sean Cody


Peachy keen — Cole Monahan

Naked photo of model Cole Monahan in the locker room.

Hunky hockey jock Cole Monahan caught changing in the locker room. Nice, round naked bubble butt with just a hint of peach fuzz.


Daily Dude — Tom Faulk

Gay porn star Tom Faulk

Tom Faulk has that look: Young, dumb & full of cum. If you’re into slutty college jocks, he’s your guy. Check out his recommened movies to see him in action!


He’s ready to play… today

Kyle King does Bo Dean in Score! (Hot House)

After their team’s big victory, Bo Dean makes it to home base with Kyle King in Hot House’s Score! Game 1. See the rest of their hardcore porn gallery after the jump…

photo source: Hot House


Bo Dean’s bases are loaded

Gay porn star Bo Dean. (Hot House)

Porn star Bo Dean is ready to slide into home base in Hot House’s Score! Game 1. See the rest of his full-size pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Bo Dean @ Hot House


Kyle King gets your batter up!

Gay porn star Kyle King showing off his sexy naked butt in nude glamour shots from Score. (Hot House)

Porn star Kyle King shows off his luscious bubble butt in Hot House’s Score! Game 1. See the rest of his nude pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Kyle King @ Hot House


Hot shot — Nathan Adrian

Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian swimming butt naked with a sexy tan line.

photo source: beautiful guys


2015’s Sexiest Man Alive

David Beckham's ass looks amazing in skintight pants.

Here’s one reason why People magazine might consider David Beckham The Sexiest Man Alive. ‘Dat ass!


Greg Louganis centerfold

Olympic diver Greg Louganis nude. (Playgirl)

Olympic diver Greg Louganis in a rare, vintage and extremely erotic nude celebrity photo shoot from the August 1987 issue of Playgirl magazine.

photo source: Playgirl Online


Thibaut Pinot’s VPL

Tour de France cyclist Thibaut Pinot showing VPL through his biker shorts.

A candid look at Tour de France cyclist Thibaut Pinot suiting up for the big race.

photo source: Jimi Paradise


Hot shot — Cock fight

British boxers Amir Khan & Oisin Fagan facing off in bulging underwear.

Amir Khan and Oisin Fagan are ready to go mano a mano. And it looks like the tips touch.

photo source: Spycam Fromguys


Tom Daley wardrobe malfunction

Tom Daley showing his balls in a kilt

No true Scotsman would ever wear underwear under his kilt. Tom Daley provides some visual upskirt confirmation that he follows that tradition, flashing his dolphin-smooth ball sack.

photo source: Nice Male


Hot shot — Circle jerk?

A nice rear view of four hot naked guys comparing cocks.

Or just some good, wholesome brotherly love? The one on the far left is my favorite.

photo credit: Every Little Bit


Hot shots — A wet dream

Some naked rugby hunks having some splashy fun (Dieux du Stade 2015)

Some sexy, wet naked rugby hunks from the Dieux du Stade 2015 calendar.

photo source: Man Appreciation


Fapping to football

Gay porn star Jeff Palmer jacking off in the locker room while wearing a football uniform

A hung football jock (gay porn star Jeff Palmer) gets horny at halftime.


Beefy jock Brad Barnes

Brad Barnes

Brad Barnes is an all-American football-loving hunk who shows off his juicy jock butt and hard cock. See the rest of this athletic stud in all his naked glory after the jump…

photo source: Randy Blue


Some classic Ken Ryker cock

Gay porn star Ken Ryker (Falcon Studios)

Ken Ryker is the star of the football team. He plays for the San Francisco Falcons. Scroll through his full-size pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: Falcon Studios


Boxing Day — Trent Diesel

Naked 'n' erect

Trent Diesel is a hot and sweaty boxer who gets off on getting pounded hard. Scroll through his nude pin-up gallery from Raging Stallion’s Brutal after the jump…


Boxing Day — Jack Dillon

Classic gay porn star Jack Dillon

Does he have your attention? This beefy boxer is Jack Dillon. Twenty some odd years ago he was a fairly popular gay porn star. Wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with this one.


Boxing Day — Jason Adonis

Jason Adonis

If I know my Doctor Who, according to Mr. Copper, the British should start boxing each other like savages any minute now. Scroll through the nude glamour shots gallery of porn star Jason Adonis as a Brutal boxer after the jump…


Tom Daley wants a kiss

Tom Daley Christmas

Tomy Daley’s underneath the mistletoe waiting for his kiss.

photo source: Cocks and Asses