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Colby Keller ‘n’ Will Wikle

Naughty naked pics of gay porn star Colby Keller & reality TV star Will Wikle

Gay porn aficionado and one-time reality TV star Will Wikle, of Big Brother 5, engaging in a little full frontal fun with gay porn star Colby Keller. It’s not shown, but Will actually got a boner while Colby was spanking him.

photo source: Type / Face


Steven Daigle in ‘Big Wood’

Big Wood — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Steve Daigle goes from Big Brother to Big Wood in this hardcore feature from Falcon Studios. Steven sucks Aden Jaric‘s cock and eats his ass. Then Aden gives Steven a blowjob and licks his hole until it’s nice and slick so he can pound Steven’s butt into ground as they fuck next to a cabin in the woods.


Big Brother Nick showing his dick

Big Brother 8's Nick Starcevic full frontal nude boner shot

No Big Brother boner collection would be complete without Nick Starcevic, the college jock who inadvertently stoked a gay porn rumor about himself by admitting he once gave a guy a blowjob. Some people thought he was Trent from Next Door Male, but I’m not seeing a resemblance.

photo source: DudeTube


Big Brother boner beat off

Alone At Last — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Previously! On Biiiiiiig Brother!

It’s BB10‘s Steven Daigle enjoying some alone time in his own private jack shack. It’s a five-minute fap session from Playgirl’s Alone At Last.


David Girton full frontal selfie

In addition to playing with his boner, David Girton (of Big Brother 15 infamy) continues to over-share by sending out full frontal selfies on his NSFW Vine.

UPDATE: Oops! Looks like somebody pulled the plug on David’s insane naked vine account.

photo source: David Girton


Big Brother boner bounce

Since absolutely nothing of interest is happening in the Big Brother 16 house this week, let’s catch up with one of last season’s houseguests. Oh, look! It’s David Girton from Big Brother 15 playing with his boner on the internet. Eat you heart out, Aaryn Gries! My God, what has he done with his hair? Now he looks even more like Lion-O.

photo source: David Girton


Pretty on the outside

Cody Calafiore's naked ass as he gets into the shower on Big Brother 16.

This is the kind of Big Brother moment I live for. A hot guy dropping his towel right before he gets into the shower, giving us a full on naked butt shot. I would’ve enjoyed this a lot more if it had happened a month ago, because I’ve grown to hate the person who did it.

At least Cody Calafiore still has his looks. Shame about the personality though. Ugh! It kills me. He’s such an asshole. He’s also completely useless in the game. Sucks at comps. Sucks at strategy. He’s just getting dragged along because he’s an idiot who does whatever Derrick tells him. That ass though!

photo source: All BB Updates


Cody Calafiore kicked in the butt

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) has jiggling butt cheeks

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) has jiggling butt cheeks

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) has jiggling butt cheeks

Big Brother 16’s Cody Calafiore gets kicked in the ass — literally — as punishment for losing a POV competition. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it based on how he’s playing the game. (He’s Derrick’s little bitch, and he keeps evicting people who would have his back just because Derrick says so. Dumb.) This must be “Karma Electra” getting him back for the scumbag move he pulled on Donny — by putting Donny on the block after shaking his hand and promising not to. What a pussy! That ass jiggle is one of his few redeeming features now, because he’s turning into a real douche-bag.

photo source: Blog of Things I Love


Cody Calafiore cock rub

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) tugging on his boner

Cody Calafiore putting his hands to his pants to rub his dick

Cody Calariore adusting his penis

You know it must really suck to be horny in the Big Brother house. Always walking around semi-hard or with a full-on erection with little or no chance for relief. Casting played it safe this season after last year’s racism debacle, so the straight edge hamsters of Big Brother 16 aren’t likely to be giving any undercover bjs or handies like so many other house guests from previous seasons.

Which explains why Cody Calafiore can’t stop touching his cock. The poor guy hasn’t busted a nut since that one night when he had a wet dream and came all over himself. So he’s always getting caught slipping his hand down his pants to make an adjustment to his semi-hard peen. Most noticeably that one night by the pool table when he tugged on his boner because he thought no one was looking. Oops!

photo source: Damn he’s hot


Cody Calafiore stripper dance

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) acting like a male stripper

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) acting like a male stripper

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) shaking his ass like a male stripper

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) acting like a male stripper

OK, so Cody Calafiore’s personality — what little there is of it — leaves a lot to be desired. (I just can’t with the Big Brother dude-bro alliances that dominate the game every season.) But he’s certainly not lacking when it comes to bringing the eye candy. Too bad he only gave us a tease since we’ve already seen his naked butt.



Cody Calafiore butt ‘n’ bulge

Underwear model Cody Calafiore's jiggling ass in tight underwear. (Big Brother 16)

Here’s some of Cody Calafiore’s best bits from the Big Brother live feeds. See his naked ass and jiggling junk after the jump.

So what do you think of Cody so far?


Big Brother’s Cody Calafiore

It’s underwear model Cody Calafiore, the hottest new cast member of Big Brother 16 (U.S.), modeling C-IN2 undies and athletic gear. Hopefully he’s not a racist, homophobic douche like that other guy from this season. Fingers crossed. Oh, and there’s a video of him jamming his fingers up another dude’s ass, so turn on your Gaydar and let the speculation begin.


Big Boner — Jamie Brooksby’s cock

Big Brother 6 (Australia) was all about Jamie Brooksby’s cock. His big, beautiful, perfectly proportioned penis. The whole house was obsessed with Jamie’s wang, because he gave them good reason to be. Brooksby — who ultimately won the whole damn game — was constantly letting it dangle in front of everyone’s faces.

I wish the U.S. version of BB could be more like this. Australia gets a cock shot supercut, but America’s stuck with bigotry and bullying supercuts. I realize the raunchiness of BB6AU provoked a backlash that almost got the show canceled. (The “turkey slap” controversy!) But still I’d take big dicks and boners over backstabbing bigots any day.

What’s a “turkey slap” you ask? Via Urban Dictionary


Big Brother’s Steven sucks dick

Taking Tips — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Just in time for another (hopefully not racist) season of Big Brother U.S., here’s season 10 houseguest Steven Daigle sucking some cock. Next Door fuck buddy Brandon Lewis is on the receiving end of one sweet 69 blowjob.

video source: Flesh ‘N’ Boners