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Watch Kian O’Connor play with his beautiful cock

Horsehung hunk Kian O'Connor (Freshmen)

“Kian is a Hungarian newcomer blessed with a hot body and an impressive endowment. Unfortunately he’s not blessed with a sense of responsibility as he will miss scheduled appointments with no explanation whatsoever.

So, we were fortunate to have both him and George Duroy in the same place at the same time for this interview and solo as he forgot to show up for his scheduled interview for the BootCamp series.” — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Enrique satisfies insatiable Sven

Sven Basquiat & Enrique Vera (Freshmen)

“Fair-skinned Sven Basquiat, our little blond twink BootCamp chef is here for a hardcore episode filmed with Enrique Vera our olive-skinned jock.

Perpetually horny Sven calls up his nearest buddy, Enrique, to satisfy his desires and have some fun. While the boys look different, they seem to share a hyper libido.

Once Enrique arrives, there is no time wasted. Clothes are ripped off in seconds as the boys devour every inch of each other’s bodies.

While both are versatile performers, it is Enrique who is the top as he works up quite a sweat attempting to satisfy the insatiable Sven.

Their chemistry was so great that we paired these boys twice. You will get to see that pairing later this year as part of our BootCamp series.” — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Derek Caravaggio in the flesh

Derek Caravaggio (Freshmen)

This sprightly boy next door with big, brown eyes and dark hair is Derek Caravaggio. Isn’t he just the cutest? He’s recently appeared in scenes with the equally angelic Jean-Luc Bisset and the big-dicked Joel Birkin. Look for him in an upcoming scene with Bastian Dufy over at, but until then, enjoy these adorable nude pin-ups. After the jump…

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Jens Christensen big ‘n’ stiff

Gay porn star Jens Christensen (Bel Ami Online)

“We know that you were all looking forward to the set of images of Jamie Durrell that we had planned to be showing you today, but as he has a scene and interview as part of BootCamp this week, we decided to bump him a little further down the line and bring you the charming Jens Christensen instead.

This is only the second time that Jens had visited our studios, the first being for his casting and he already seems to have lost any shyness that he may have had and shows no inhibitions when flaunting his lean and muscular body.

Tall, handsome and hund, Jens already seems to have developed a bit of a following, so we hope that Eliot’s pictures today we will recruit a few more members into the Jens Christensen fanclub. ” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online