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Scarily Huge Celeb Cocks From Horror Movies!

“We’re rounding up the most impressive frontal scenes from horror movies, starting with Irish hunk Jack Reynor and his uncut junk in Midsommar! David Naughton showed off his au naturel retro package in An American Werewolf in London, while daddy Mark Duplass delivered a very… lengthy… frontal shot in Creep 2. Plus we’re checking out Malcolm McDowell’s purrrrrfect penis in Cat People and Willem Dafoe’s hung cock (and his porn body double’s truly massive rock hard penis) from Antichrist!” — Mr. Man



Happy Hallowpeen! Top Five Sexiest Horror Movie Nude Scenes

“Dick or treat! We’ve rounded up the hottest horror movie nudity in honor of Halloween, and you can check out the delish goodies from Tom Hiddleston, Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, and more right here!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man