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Hot shots — All Players

A hunky football jock with visible penis line

So today everybody’s losing their minds over a ball game or whatever….

photo credit: All Players by Rick Day; via @theNaughtyTommy


Luke Wilder’s fantasy football

Luke Wilder (Helix Studios)

Who’s up for some shirts vs. skins? Or in this case tights vs. tush. Luke Wilder wants to play some touch football in this erotic photoshoot, but he’s going bottomless. Full-size pin-ups after the jump. Or click here to see Luke in action.

photo source: Helix Studios


Ready for some football?

Naked football player (Temptation of Eve)

Like I said before, I don’t really care about sports. Just here for the butts. But this thick-necked jock seems to love football so much, he wants to marry it.

photo source: Temptation of Eve


Daily Dude — Tom Faulk

Gay porn star Tom Faulk

Tom Faulk has that look: Young, dumb & full of cum. If you’re into slutty college jocks, he’s your guy. Check out his recommened movies to see him in action!


Hot shot — Dan Rockwell

Model Dan Rockwell playing football in a speedo at the beach.

Model Dan Rockwell at the beach playing with his ball in his yellow Aronik banana hammock.

photo source: Aronik Swimwear


Fapping to football

Gay porn star Jeff Palmer jacking off in the locker room while wearing a football uniform

A hung football jock (gay porn star Jeff Palmer) gets horny at halftime.


Beefy jock Brad Barnes

Brad Barnes

Brad Barnes is an all-American football-loving hunk who shows off his juicy jock butt and hard cock. See the rest of this athletic stud in all his naked glory after the jump…

photo source: Randy Blue


Some classic Ken Ryker cock

Gay porn star Ken Ryker (Falcon Studios)

Ken Ryker is the star of the football team. He plays for the San Francisco Falcons. Scroll through his full-size pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: Falcon Studios


Naked Jake Gyllenhaal

Fantasy nude of Jake Gyllenhaal and a football

Jake Gyllenhaal‘s ready for a casual game, playing shirts vs. skins.


Mike Branson bulge ‘n’ boner

Hunky gay porn star Mike Branson in The Freshmen

Big dicked gay porn star Mike Branson showing off his classic cock. Glamour shots from Falcon’s The Freshmen.

photo source: Falcon Studios


Matthew Rush football flesh

Gay porn star Matthew Rush in Hazed

Some vintage nude pin-ups of gay porn star Matthew Rush getting big ‘n’ stiff in the locker room with a big ol’ jock boner.

photo source: Falcon Studios