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Hot shot — Crossbones

Forrest and Blake get rock hard while kissing. (Sean Cody)

Forrest and Blake are just getting warmed up.

photo source: Sean Cody, via


4Play — Forrest & Blake

Forrest plays with Blake's cute bubble butt while they make out in the shower. (Sean Cody)

Forrest can’t wait to fuck Blake’s amazing ass.


4Play — Boys and their toys

Pete, Tanner & Forrest (Sean Cody)

Pete, Tanner, and Forrest are ready to play. And two of these big dicks are about to get stuffed into a tiny hole in this hot double penetration scene.

photo source: Sean Cody


A bi-curious hunk going gay

Graham & Forrest (Sean Cody)

This is the moment when a bi-curious straight boy (Forrest) realizes he could really enjoy hooking up with another guy (Graham).

photo source: Sean Cody