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Posts tagged “freeballing

Hot shot — Too long for shorts

Dong too long for shorts.

This boy is packing quite a handful. He must risk a public lewdness charge every time he leaves the house in shorts.

photo source: @JuaNjOmunOzz


Mystery meat — Breathing room

A free-ball stud going commando in baggy shorts having a dick slip.

Another anonymous free-balling dude going commando and barefoot in baggy shorts.

photo source: Explicitr


Mystery meat — Up shorts

Looking up the shorts of a hung dude going commando

Don’t you love it when hot guys go commando in baggy shorts — and you can see all of his business flopping around down there? Well, here’s a view from even better angle! ?

photo source:


Big softies — Dick-stressed jeans

Free-balling in torn jeans

Shh! Nobody tell him… This freeballing hunk’s going commando in torn jeans. I wonder if he paid extra to make them look like that?


It’s The First of May, Outdoor F*@#ing Starts Today

“Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate the wonders of Mother Nature than with outdoor gay sex? See Casey Donovan and Peter Fisk in Boys in the Sand, Paul Hamy and Xelo Cagiao in The Ornithologist, Christophe Paou and Pierre Deladonchamps in Stranger by the Lake, Mateusz Banasiuk and Bartosz Gelner in Floating Skyscrapers, and finally, Timotheé Chalamet‘s infamous Armie Hammer crotch grab (where you get a glimpse of Armie’s ball sack!) in Call Me By Your Name!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Hot shot — Terry DeLong’s dick slip

Classic Colt model Terry DeLong with his big dick coming out of his shorts (Colt Studio Group)

If freeballing hottie Terry DeLong tried to go for a run in these short shorts, he’d probably trip over his own dick. Click it to make it bigger…

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Mentally undress Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan's visible penis line?

Jamie Dornan broke the internet by releasing a photo of himself with what appears to be a throbbing, rock-hard boner in his tight pants. The photo was meant to promote tourism to his home country Northern Ireland. Maybe the picture accomplishes this goal, but probably not in the way the creative team at Discover Northern Ireland intended.


Hot shot — Jon Hamm VPL

Jon Hamm VPL

Jon Hamm‘s going commando. Perhaps Hollywood is trying to reboot the Anaconda franchise…

photo source: Twitter


Brysen has a dick slip

Brysen's cock is coming out of his shorts! (Sean Cody)

Brysen‘s going commando in his baggy shorts, and then — whoops! Wardrobe malfunction! See more pin-ups of this sexy shirtless hunk after the jump. Or click on his pic to see what he’s been up to lately over at Sean Cody.

photo source: Sean Cody


Free balling in gym shorts

Hung free-balling hunk with a hard-on in his gym shorts!

A horsehung hunk with a semi hard-on free-balling in baggy gym shorts. Yum!

photo source: strictly dick


Big softie — Shadow puppets

A freeballing hunk with visible shadow penis.

You know this free-balling jogger must get a lot of stares while he’s running because he junk would be bouncing around in his shorts.

photo source: Huge Wrestling Fan!


Max Michaels freeballing

Randy Blue hunk Max Michaels

Any crotch watch can tell Max Michaels is freeballing from the way his junk bounces around. But then he confirms it by pulling down his little, grey shorts to expose his plump cock.

photo source: Randy Blue


Cody Calafiore butt ‘n’ bulge

Underwear model Cody Calafiore's jiggling ass in tight underwear. (Big Brother 16)

Here’s some of Cody Calafiore’s best bits from the Big Brother live feeds. See his naked ass and jiggling junk after the jump.

So what do you think of Cody so far?