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Fat, Juicy, Gobble-Worthy Celeb Cocks For Thanksgiving!

“Open wide! We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with this year’s most gobble-worthy celebrity cocks! Tom Mercier leads the pack with his industrial sized turkey baster in We Are Who We Are! Corey Knight also infuses the series with some farm fresh dong. Plus don’t miss the edible arrangements from Harry Lawtey and Jonathan Barnwell in Industry, Bjorn Mosten in Love & Anarchy, Gaston Re and Alfonso Barón in The Blond One, and Christopher Abbott in Possessor. When it comes to these celeb penises, we’ll have seconds!” — Mr. Man



Taekwondo — Don’t Cum For Me Argentina

Gabriel Epstein, Andrés Gavaldá, & Gaston Re in Taekwondo

A bunch of hot, sweaty, Latino hunks showing off the majesty of their muscles as they workout and fight? PLEASE sign me up. Taekwondo is an Argentinian movie exploring one gay man’s encounter with a house full of straight guys after being invited for a summer getaway. It turns out that he encounters an enviable number of gorgeous uncut peens, as these boys can’t seem to keep it in their pants. Basically, Taekwondo is a 112-minute wet dream that we don’t want to wake up from.