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Oral fixation — Anthony Romero blows Kevin Crows

Anthony Romero going down on Kevin Crows in a bathroom stall (Next Door Studios)

Fellatio Friday! Anthony Romero is literally a horny cocksucker, and Kevin Crows is a vampiric boner sucker getting a bloody good blowjob in the bathroom at a ravenous Halloween party in this Next Door Studios flashback Dead Head. You can watch the entire suck and fuck fest in the NDS hardcore archive. Careful with those teeth, Kevin!

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Even porno clowns are terrifying!

Rimjob the Klown in Cirque Noir. (Titan Men)

Pop culture has given us some terrifying clowns — Pennywise, Twisty, that Poltergeist doll, Ronald McDonald. Titan Men added another horrifying clown to the pantheon with its dark and twisted porno Cirque Noir. Meet Rimjob the Klown. He’ll not only swallow your cock, he’ll swallow your soul!

photo source: Titan Men