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Oh no! Jarec’s going to jail!

Jarek aka Jarec Wentworth working out naked. (Sean Cody)

I guess Jarec Wentworth will be doing a lot more of this. But from behind bars. He was just convicted of trying to extort $1.5 million from some self-loathing, hypocritical pig whose love for boy hookers was only exceeded by his love for anti-gay laws. I mean, I get that extortion is wrong and illegal, but when your mark is the kind of asshole who’s fighting to make life harder for the rest of us, I can’t hate.

See more pics of Jarec when he was Jarek and still a not so innocent Sean Cody newbie after the jump…

photo source: Sean Cody


4Play — Jarec & Richard

Richard Pierce and Jarec Wentworth look so fucking hot as they show off a pair of big bulges and cute butts in their tight white briefs in this flirtatious prelude to their no-frills fuck scene.

photo source: Randy Blue