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Ohmigod! That looks like…

A Quinn Jaxon gay blowjob & oral cum shot photo?

Dear God, please let this internet rumor be true. Some people are wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that Quinn Jaxon — the underwear model/go-go boy/part-time porn stroker/Twitter famous attention whore — appeared in a gay sex tape. This speculation is based on a photo sourced to the Black Spark Project.

I know he identifies as straight, but come on! With all the same-sex bumping and grinding and grab-ass he does in all those Andrew Christian videos, he’s gotta be at least a 1 on the Kinsey scale, right? So a gay sex tape is not completely out of the realm of possibility.

photo source: The Modest Cult, JHP+


How’s it hanging?

Erotic model/dancer Quinn Jaxon (aka porn stud Kurt Madison) totally nude, showing off his humongous penis!

Quinn Jaxon is the very definition of well hung.

photo source: nudist home & nature