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Levi makes his cock hard

Levi (Sean Cody)

“Levi is so adorable! He’s bisexual and has been playing sports (mainly baseball) for a long time — a natural born athlete according to himself. He’s definitely an interesting guy, especially when he told us about his secret stash of dildos hidden in his base drum at home.

‘I have seven dildos… I love them! All different sizes, shapes, colors and creeds — my favorites!’ He spoke so fondly of them. When we asked him about his perfect date, all that came out was ‘straight to anal!’ Instant curiosity sparked, ‘Who’s getting the anal? You or them?’

He answered confidently, ‘Either or. I’m a giver and a receiver.’

When it was time to get down and dirty, he whipped out his hard cock and stroke it until he blew a nice load…with a huge dildo up his butt! We knew we found somebody special!

‘Will we see you again?’ He didn’t hesitate at all, ‘Oh, for sure!'” — Sean Cody