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Posts tagged “N2N Bodywear

Peachy keen — Steven Dehler

Bubble-butted Steven Dehler in nothing but a pink Santa hat & a thong

‘Tis the season for naked guys in Santa hats. Here’s bubble-butted blond Steven Dehler in an N2N Bodywear thong.

photo source: Steven Dehler


Paddy O’Brian in a unitard

Paddy O'Brian (Randy Blue)

Somebody pinch him, because he’s not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s some sexy pin-ups of a big ‘n’ stiff Paddy O’Brian barely wearing a white wrestling unitard.

photo source: Randy Blue


Hot hunk with a baggy bulge

Hunky N2N model in short shorts with a visible penis line.

How awesome is it when a guy’s wearing baggy shorts, but you can still see the outline of his penis?

photo source: N2N Bodywear


Shane Meaney’s banana hammock

Shane Meaney of Big Brother 14 in a skimpy banana hammock showing VPL.

It’s Big Brother 14 houseguest Shane Meaney continuing that proud BB tradition of letting everyone see your peen, modeling a N2N “banana hammock” with a visible penis line. This must be the shoot he was talking about when he and JoJo compared notes on embarrassing modeling jobs.

photo credit: On Display Men


Hot shots — N2N VPL

His big dick is showing through skintight spandex tights.

N2N’s Sheer Skin Runners leave nothing to the imagination.

photo source: bulge and more