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Naked Cowboy is naked

So Naked Cowboy is still a thing. I discovered this yesterday morning while watching the news. Not being from New York, I just assumed the now 45-year-old attention whore had ridden off into the sunset. But no. Never assume.

Robert Burck — aka NYC’s very own “Naked Cowboy” — recently migrated from his usual perch in Times Square to the lobby of Donald J. Trump’s gold-plated eyesore, Trump Tower, where he can be seen with his trusty guitar in nothing but a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and underwear serenading Kellyanne Conway. The shameless street performer there to unironically celebrate the election of our new Cheeto-faced overlord by plastering Trump’s name on the seat of his trademark tighty whities. A fitting tribute actually.

If you’re familiar with Naked Cowboy’s shtick you probably know that he doesn’t quite live up to his name, but back in the day he did — by appearing as a nude centerfold model in adult publications such as Men Magazine and Playgirl. You can check out a sampling of his porno modeling after the jump…