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XXXposure — Clark Franco blows Sebastian Kross

Clark Franco giving Sebastian Kross a blowjob

Besides their hard ons, Sebastian Kross and Clark Franco have something else in common: they are smooth from their ears to their toes. Kross’ body is a sculpted masterpiece, with muscles so defined they cast shadows on themselves. Clark is on one knee, providing a blow job that gets Sebastian’s motor revving. Sebastian has to make him stop or he’ll shoot, so he pushes Clark face-down onto a bench, his cock protruding backwards, and begins devour his ass. Clark has smooth, unblemished olive skin and the hard, tight body of an athlete. He grunts and hums. His own tongue flicks in and out, as if imitating what Sebastian’s tongue is doing to his hole. Sebastian is so turned on that he has to cum. Clark leaps up to catch the hot load in his mouth, triggering his own milky explosion. Sebastian leans over and licks the stray droplets of his semen off Clark’s face. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Raging Stallion

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Hot, Raw and Ready! — Woody Fox bottoms bareback for Pierce Paris for the first time

Pierce Paris & Woody Fox (Raging Stallion)

Woody Fox lucks out when Pierce Paris hops out of the shower and drops his towel by the edge of the bed. Woody is cock hungry and wastes no time getting Pierce’s monster meat down his throat. Pierce barely fits his rod in Woody’s strained jaw, but the Aussie stud is eager to please and takes every inch he can cram inside. Pierce wants a taste as well and bends over to 69 with Woody, getting his uncut dick down his hatch. The taste of Woody’s pole gets Pierce in the mood to stretch his ass. After rimming out Woody’s hole, Pierce lays back to let Woody hop on for his first bareback bottom scene and the ride of his life. Pierce’s thick pole impales Woody and the stud moans out with each thrust from the massive cock in his ass. Pierce has the urge to go even deeper and gets Woody onto his hands and knees to shove his raw cock in and pump even faster. It’s a race to the finish as Pierce rolls Woody onto his side and picks up the pace to go the final distance. Woody declares that he’s ready to blow and as his hole clenches around Pierce’s cock, Pierce gives in as well. Pierce pulls out and the two studs cum together, leaving Woody a drenched in jizz. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Raging Stallion

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Dennis, Marco & Ruben suck & fuck

Dennis D'Nello, Marco Salgueiro & Ruben Rodriguez (Raging Stallion)

“Hot Latin country dwellers Dennis D’Nello, Marco Salgueiro and Ruben Rodriguez waste little time in pulling out each other’s big, uncut dicks and sucking the cum out of them. Later, Marco and Ruben take turns fucking Dennis’ hot ass, causing all three men to shoot their loads again.” — Raging Stallion Studios


Labyrinth — Sean does Dorian

Dorian Ferro & Sean Zevran (Raging Stallion)

“Sounds of sex echo from a dark room where Dorian Ferro is worshipping Sean Zevran‘s body. Sean’s black mesh body suit tightly sheathes his sculpted physique. It has an opening for his balls and cock, which Dorian slurps noisily. Mirrors multiply their images so many times, you can’t tell which is real and which is reflected. Backless latex briefs showcase Dorian’s scrumptious glutes. The muscles of his back ripple sinuously as he moves his body continuously to better suck Sean’s uncut meat. Dorian’s free hand spreads his own ass cheeks and stretches his hole. Sean unzips; his torso is covered in a dense, dark mat of fur that attracts Dorian’s hands like a magnet. Sean pushes him against a mirror and eats his ass, which writhes and gyrates with a life of its own. A hall leads to another dark chamber with a fucking platform where they leave their clothes behind and connect, cock-to-ass. Raw sexual energy emanates from them in waves. Their muscled, hairy chests glisten with sweat. Sean’s cock pours cum as Dorian catches it in his mouth as his own load rockets forth.” — Raging Stallion Studios


Dorian Ferro workin’ that ass

Gay porn star Dorian Ferro (Raging Stallion)

Dorian Ferro shaking it in nude glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Labyrinth. See his full-size pin-ups after the jump…


Sheerly amazing Sean Zevran

Gay porn star Sean Zevran (Raging Stallion)

Sean Zevran in a sheer body stocking is the best thing ever. See the rest of his nude pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Labyrinth after the jump…


Make It Rain — Trenton Ducati

Gay porn star Trenton Ducati in Stripped: Make It Rain. (Raging Stallion)

It’s Trenton Ducati as a male stripper who’s willing to give you his ass if you’ve got the cash in Raging Stallion’s Stripped: Make It Rain. Scroll through his nude pin-up gallery after the jump…


Analize this — Jimmy does Sean

Jimmy Durano fucks Sean Zevran. (Total Exposure 2)

Jimmy Durano buries his boner deep inside Sean Zevran‘s tight ass and pounds him until Sean howls. It’s hardcore action from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure 2.


Sean Zevran showing his ass

Sean Zevran (Total Exposure 2)

Sexy Sean Zevran showing his lickable split in these hot nude pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure 2.


Jimmy Durano big ‘n’ stiff

Jimmy Durano (Total Exposure)

Jimmy Durano drops his shorts to expose his rock hard cock in these sexy pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure 2.


Brian Bonds butt naked

Gay porn star Brian Bonds (Total Exposure)

Brian Bonds showing his tasty naked butt in some nude pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure.


Austin Wolf pin-ups

Gay porn star Austin Wolf (Total Exposure)

Austin Wolf gets it up for some sexy glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure.


Jacob Peterson’s cock ‘n’ ass

Gay porn star Jacob Peterson. (Total Exposure)

Jacob Peterson better watch his ass. Get a closer look at his luscious bubble butt and big uncut dick in these pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure.


Nick Sterling pin-ups

Gay porn star Nick Sterling. (Total Exposure)

Nick Sterling‘s looking on shiny and lumberjacky in these glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure.


Dorian Ferro butt ‘n’ boner

Gay porn star Dorian Ferro. (Total Exposure)

Dorian Ferro takes off his tight jeans to give us a nice front and rear view of his hot naked body in these sexy glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure.


Sebastian Kross totally exposed

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross (Total Exposure)

Get Sebastian Kross out of his pant in his nude glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure after the jump…


Johnny V. big ‘n’ stiff

Gay porn star Johnny V. (Raging Stallion)

See Johnny V. looks ready to fuck in the back of this pickup truck. Scroll through his nude glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure after the jump…


Chris Bines big ‘n’ stiff

Hot gay porn star

See Chris Bines stripped naked and bone hard in the studly pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Total Exposure.


Analize this — Sebastian does Sean

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross fucks Sean Zevran's sexy ass. (Raging Stallion)

Sebastian Kross fucks Sean Zevran good ‘n’ hard in this hardcore fuck scene from Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.


Hot shot — Sebastian Kross

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross bare assed naked. (Raging Stallion)

It’s a bare assed naked Sebastian Kross just the way you want him. A nude glamour shot from Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.


Hot shot — Nick Sterling

Gay porn star Nick Sterling presenting his butt, balls & boner. (Raging Stallion)

Nick Sterling needs someone to fill his tight hole. A lewd glamour shot from Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.


Oral fixation — Sean & Letterio

Gay porn star Sean Zevran with a mouthful of Letterio Amadeo's thick dick!

You can tell by his rock hard cock that Sean Zevran really loves licking Letterio Amadeo‘s big dick. Letterio’s cock is so thick, Sean can’t even wrap his fingers all the way around it. It’s some hardcore oral action from Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.


Sean Zevran’s butt, balls & boner

Gay porn star Sean Zevran showing his amazing butt, balls & boner!

Sean Zevran‘s a studly cowboy who looks ready to ride in Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.


Analize this — Logan reams Sean

Sean Zevran gets fucked in the ass by Logan Moore. (Foreskin Mafia)

In this kinky coupling between two uncut hunks, Logan Moore and Sean Zevran, they engage in some foreskin chewing and some anal play with a nightstick before Logan pounds Sean’s luscious bubble butt. Scroll through this gallery of hardcore porn pics from Raging Stallion’s Foreskin Mafia after the jump…