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RIP — Billy Herrington

Billy Herrington (Colt Studio Group)

Well, this is terrible. Gay porn star Billy Herrington, 48, died after sustaining injuries in a car accident over the weekend. The bad news was first acknowledged by director Chi Chi LaRue via Twitter and later confirmed by Herrington’s mother in a Facebook post. Herrington began his adult video career in the late ’90s and then shot to international notoriety a decade later when he became an internet meme affectionately known as Aniki, which means “Big Brother” in Japanese. See an example of one of his Gachimuchi memes after the jump…

photo source: Colt Studio Group


RIP — Xander Scott

Late gay porn star Xander Scott (Randy Blue)

Some horrible news. Xander Scott, formerly a Randy Blue fan favorite, died of an apparent drug overdose last month in Arizona. His death was confirmed via his Facebook page. A memorial service was held on Valentine’s Day. His last RB appearance was in June 2010.


Dirk Shafer’s dick slip

Playgirl centerfold Dirk Shafer has a big dick that's too much for his small swim trunks.

Ah, Dirk Shafer… What a waste!

photo source: Playgirl Online


RIP — Dirk Shafer

Playgirl Man of the Year Dirk Shafer

Well, this is depressing. Dirk Shafer, the Playgirl Man of the Year who famously came out as gay in the early 1990s, was found dead in his car on Thursday morning.

“An autopsy likely will be performed in the next few days, sources say. Police identified Shafer by his driver’s license and his family has been notified.

Born on November 7, 1962, in Carbondale, IL, Shafer became an icon in the mid-90s when the 1992 Playgirl Man of the Year announced he was gay to the magazine’s straight female audience. He documented the process and the pressures he was under from all sides to pose as straight and to be honest in Man Of The Year. As well as directing and starring in the pic, Shafer wrote the largely fictionalized account.” — Deadline (MSN)

UPDATE: Additional coverage from other mainstream media outlets can be found here and here.


RIP — Greg Plitt

Artistic nude of fitness model Greg Plitt.

Greg Plitt, the fitness model and personal trainer, died on Saturday during a train accident. (Apparently he was filming an ad for a protein shake near the tracks.) He was a regular on the Bravo series Work Out. He also landed acting roles in movies like Terminator: Salvation and provided the CGI nude body for Dr. Manhattan in the movie adaptation of Watchmen.

UPDATE: He was shooting a video on the Metrolink tracks without a permit. Witnesses say he may have tripped while getting out of the way of an oncoming train. And he might’ve thought the train was on a parallel track. Needless to say, train tracks are not a playground.