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Robert is a Dutch treat

Male model Robert with his jeans unzipped. (MaleModel NL)

Robert, a tight little Dutch hottie, is a total tease. Hope to see more of him in the future. Check out his sexy shirtless pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Robert tops Manny

Robert & Manny: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Robert and Manny had a little soccer warm-up to get their blood pumping before the real workout they’d been waiting for all day. Robert was eager to get going, ‘I think we should go inside.’ Manny added to it, ‘I mean, he has to score still so…’ We wanted to take a vote, ‘Who wants to play soccer?’ They were both silent. ‘Ok, who wants to fuck?’ Both raised their hands…clearly, they didn’t come here just to play some soccer, but they did come to score!” — Sean Cody

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Robert’s having a dick slip

Robert's dick is popping out of his shorts. (Sean Cody)

“Robert is a very sexually adventurous guy that was really excited about being on set. ‘I don’t know why we hide it all behind close doors… let’s do it all in public.’

Robert comes to us from the south and had a smile on his face the whole time.

‘Has anyone ever told you that you have an amazing ass?’

‘I get that once in a while!’ he grinned. ‘Especially when I go out to gay bars with my friends, but hey, a compliment is a compliment!'” — Sean Cody

photo source: Sean Cody