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How hot was Ryan Idol?

Gay porn star Ryan Idol in Trade Off. (C1R)

Friday flashback. Remember when Ryan Idol was still hot? No? Don’t take my word for it. Just check out these glamour shots from one of his earliest videos, the Jerry Douglas skin flick Trade Off — one of your artier porn videos.

He’s currently a hot mess doing a stretch at Valley State Prison for trying to murder his ex-girlfriend with a toilet tank lid, but back in the day he was just plain hot. At the height of his career this one-time Playgirl Man of the Month (February 1989) could allegedly demand $50,000 per movie. He was even hot enough to snag a few legit acting jobs after retiring from porn. (He made his Broadway debut in 2007 under his real name, Marc Anthony Donais, in a revival Terrence McNally’s The Ritz.)

But much like Boogie Nights, Paul Thomas Anderson’s chronicle of the Golden Age of Porn, things took a nasty turn in the third act. There was a drug fueled suicide attempt, a bizarre charity scandal, and the aforementioned domestic violence incident that put him behind bars.

photo source: C1R


Ryan Idol’s first blowjob?

Ryan Idol going down on Tom Katt in Idol Thoughts.

Remember that scene from the Catalina classic Idol Thoughts when famously gay-for-pay porn legend Ryan Idol sucked his first cock? The way he worked over Tom Katt’s boner had me convinced it wasn’t Ryan’s first blowjob.