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The Winter Soldier goes rogue

Paddy O'Brian as The Winter Soldier in Captain America XXX. (Super Gay Hero)

Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier) hasn’t been laid since that night when he had a threesome with Connie and Bonnie after the Stark Expo way back in 1943. By now Bucky’s balls must be bluer than the shapely mounds of his buddy Steve Roger’s ass when he’s wearing his Captain America costume. So it should come as no surprise that this virile, cryogenically preserved slab of throbbing man meat has so much pent-up hostility. When he’s finally reunited with his long-lost pal he won’t be able to suppress his homoerotic urges. Watch Steve and Bucky finally fuck in scene three of Captain America: A XXX Gay Porn Parody.

photo source: Super Gay Hero

“Captain America (Alex Mecum) catches Bucky (Paddy O’Brian) and after a short battle ensues; he finally gets the chance to show his best friend how close they really are.” — Super Gay Hero

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