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Top Five Nude Scenes From Ryan Murphy Shows!

Have you ever wondered what Darren Criss looks like naked? You can see his bare butt and beefy bulge in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Giovanni Versace, because Ryan Murphy has a knack for talking A-list talent out of their pants. Some of Hollywood’s most famous male celebs have gone buck ass nude for his TV projects — including Ricky Martin, Matt Bomer, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, and Oscar-nominated hotties like Mark Ruffalo & Bradley Cooper. You can see them on this week’s Mr. Man Minute.

video source: Mr. Man

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Darren Criss cute naked bubble butt.Darren Criss gets butt naked in the closet on The Assassination of Giovanni Versace.

“We’re loving all the nudity on megaproducer Ryan Murphy’s latest hit series, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Giovanni Versace — most recently Ricky Martin‘s first ever nude scene! This got us to thinking about the best buns across all of the Ryan Murphy-produced shows, and we came up with nudity from Darren Criss on Versace, Evan Peters and Cheyenne Jackson on American Horror Story, A-lister Bradley Cooper on Nip/Tuck, and openly gay hottie Matt Bomer on The Normal Heart!” — Mr. Man

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