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Will Wikle keepin’ it clean

Will Wikle full frontal nude.

It’s the middle of summer and my “Battle of the Cock” penis poll is back in the Top 10, so that could only mean one thing. A new season of Big Brother has started, and some of you horny little monkeys are thirsty for some houseguest dick pics. Well, here you go!

Will Wikle’s hardcore porn debut was announced months ago with a scheduled release date slated for last spring. But spring has sprung with no release in sight. Does that mean his gay porn career has been aborted? Who knows? These full frontal shots of Will Wikle jacking off in the shower might be as hardcore as he gets.

Find more shots of the Big Brother 5 contestant stroking his slippery wiener after the jump…

photo source: CockyBoys

Will Wikle stroking his hard cock in the shower.

Will Wikle jerking off in the shower.

Big Brother star Will Wikle with an erect penis.

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